Volunteer Application Procedure:

Thank-you for applying to be a volunteer staff at The Centre and for taking the time to complete this application package.

The volunteer application process has been put together to ensure the match between The Centre and the prospective volunteer will be a benificial one for everyone involved.

This Volunteer Application Package includes:

  • Application Form (2 pages)
  • 2 Reference Forms (2 pages each)
  • To Apply To Volunteer You Need To:

    1.Fill out the application form and return it to Reception Office at The Centre

    2.Give the reference forms to the two people who will be acting as your references. They must mail back, fax,or bring in the completed forms. You cannot submit the forms for them.

    • One of your references can be a personal reference, but one MUST be a professional reference (work or training supervisor, teacher, volunteer coordinator etc).
    • The Volunteer Coordinator may also contact your references by phone for further information.

    3.Once the Volunteer Coordinator has recieved both your application and two references, you will be called for an interview.

    For further information please contact Pat MacDiarmid, Volunteer Coordinator at 604 685-7589 or email [email protected]





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